Measuring our Impact

We are finding we need a more nuanced way of accounting for and measuring different aspects of impact. We are caught in a conundrum, as there is a bias in looking at investment returns. Traditionally, it’s fine to straight up lose money when it’s “just an investment” and yet when investing is done with a social or environmental overlay it is judged differently; watched more closely. I truly believe the time will come when investigating environmental effects, company governance practices, and social justice issues along with financial projections will simply be considered smart investing.


We seek to employ disruptive strategies and always look for a multilayered approach to returns. Many people say early stage investing is risky—as yet in practicality and from a theory of change point of view—this practice can be quite catalytic.


We see this type of investing as a growing movement---one that can help bring about a more fair and just economy. At Nia, we are looking to both seed and feed the movement (build infrastructure).

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