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For Impact Investor Kristin Hull, There Are Many Ways to Effect Change

May 09, 2017


by Amy Cortese

May 9, 2017

The California Bay Area has a well-developed impact investing ecosystem. But trace any one initiative, and chances are it will lead back to Kristin Hull. A Bay Area native and former educator, Hull drew on her insights from education, grad school and the family investment business to become an influential voice and leader in the impact field. She is a founder of HUB Oakland, an angel investor and an outspoken champion of women and entrepreneurs of color. We spoke recently with Kristin about her multi-pronged approach to investing for change.

Crowdfunding: Is it a Threat to VCs?

May 01, 2017

By Daniel, Editor in Chief


"Women and people of color (who currently receive only 4 percent of VC money) are more able to raise capital with crowdsourced options,” said Hull. “Entrepreneurs are adjusting by being able to look for supportive, less extractive investors.” - Kristin Hull

Ask The Thought Leaders: What’s the Future of Coworking Spaces?

April 19, 2017

Future of Everything

By Nick Hastreiter

“The future of co-working will include building trusted community of like-minded peers, partners, and supporters to exchange thoughts and collaborate on projects within creative spaces designed to accelerate learning. Co-working spaces will introduce great thought leaders, connect entrepreneurs with new collaborators, all in service of creating solutions-focused businesses and building a better world we know is possible.” - Kristin Hull

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