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Our Investments

Boston Impact

The Boston Impact Initiative invests in enterprises throughout Eastern Massachusetts that address the growing wealth gap and ecological challenges of our times. They believe that there won’t be any change in the fundamental conditions that contribute to persistent poverty and injustice until and unless we create the opportunity for people to own and control their future. Their ambition is to build a model that other investors can contribute to in Boston, as well as to share their learning with communities elsewhere.

Force For Good Fund

The Force for Good Fund, from Lift Economy, nurtures, supports, and invests in women and people of color-owned, “Best for the World” B Corporations (i.e., companies that score in the top 10% of B Corps worldwide). This fund is needed because it is incredibly difficult for early-stage, socially and environmentally responsible businesses run by women and people of color to access non-extractive capital. The Force for Good Accelerator / Fund is an innovative opportunity to support these early-stage entrepreneurs with the guidance, access to capital, and connections they need in order to be successful.

Hub Oakland

A physical space where community leaders and social entrepreneurs can join together, cross pollinate, bloom and thrive – creating an ecosystem that is bio-diverse, multicultural, and uniquely Oakland.

Impact Hub Oakland is the first Hub to be founded by women and entrepreneurs of color. We are taking the Hub concept of supporting entrepreneurs working to move our city and our world forward to the next level. Beyond a beautiful shared work and event space, we offer and nurture a thriving community of change makers.

Illumen Capital

Illumen Capital provides a pathway for investors, foundations, and family offices to access the world's top impact funds and actively reduce bias throughout global financial markets. By partnering with Stanford University, Illumen Capital creates and applies bias-reducing interventions to help venture capital and private equity fund managers unlock latent financial return and impact, to create a more equitable, empathetic, and prosperous world.

Impact American Fund

Impact America Fund is a GIIRS rated private equity fund led by Kesha Cash. Its mission is to generate financial returns while enhancing the quality of life for underserved communities in America. IAF invests in high growth companies that are scaling solutions in the Health & Wellness, Education, Essential Services, and Financial Inclusion sectors.

I met Kesha and was delighted to have found an entrepreneur that shared my passions about making impact investments in sectors and with communities that need it most. She is addressing racial and social equity issues through the businesses in which she invests.

Kubé Nice Cream

Kubé Nice Cream is a local artisan-food-producer of raw, plant based, hand-crafted, coconut cream "nice cream" in the Bay Area, California. The standard international pasteurization process of coconut cream and milk uses a toxic preservative and bleaching chemical called sodium metabisulfite. Kubé is the emerging leader in harnessing the power of raw, unpasteurized coconut cream. Kubé believes that real, fresh and healthy foods, without chemicals, support healthier outcomes for all people and for the earth.

Labor X

LaborX is a marketplace for talent with non traditional backgrounds, matching employers with an untapped, skilled, and loyal talent. LaborX is the LinkedIn for the LinkedOut.

Miss Ollie's

Located in Old Oakland and launched in 2012, Miss Ollie's is an Afro-Caribbean restaurant owned by an amazing woman of color, Sarah Kirnon, who has years of experience and is well-known in the Bay Area food scene. 

People's Community Market

PCM will be a small-format, full-service neighborhood food store, health resource center and community hub that supports West Oakland families to attain healthier and more socially connected lives.

Many areas of Oakland are "food deserts," where fresh, healthy food is difficult to access. People's Community Market is changing this landscape. What I particularly like about this business is that they are involving the local community as investors starting at $2,000, so that a wide variety of folks can invest in their own community.

Red Bay Coffee

Red Bay Coffee is building a global community through their commitment to sourcing, developing, roasting and delivering the best and most beautiful coffee to the people. They focus on creating opportunities within the community at large while fostering single origin, fair trade, direct trade, organic and sustainable coffees. They believe in the creation of a value chain emphasizing ethics and diversity, not just a supply and demand chain. They envision a world in which coffee is a vehicle for inclusion, social and economic empowerment, entrepreneurship, innovation, and environmental sustainability.

Spotlight Girls

Spotlight:Girls is an Oakland, CA-based benefit corporation that celebrates and activates girls and women through multi-media learning experiences such as summer camps, after-school programs, educational products, and events.

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